The Curtis Mayflower



The Curtis Mayflower is Pete Aleksi, Duncan Arsenault, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Brooks Milgate and Craig Rawding. Five musicians creating a sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. Players who have toured, recorded with acts such as Booker T. Jones, Levon Helm, Howie Day, Heavy Metal Horns, Jim Carroll, Orchestra Morphine, Twinemen just to name a few.The Curtis Mayflower - photo: Michael Spencer

Formed in 2013, they have quickly amassed a large body of work and a larger audience for it. Hot on the heels of their self released EP Live At The Dive (2013)” which showcased the band’s ability to write powerful music on the spot, the debut album Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack (2014)” was welcomed by many critics as a refreshing take on the blues, soul and rock genres. The Curtis Mayflower currently has their third album written and has released two singles thus far: King of the Fools (2015)” which The Boston Herald says:  “inverts the hot, fast pleading of the Temps Motown might with a chill, slow groove. Go if you wanna go, I ain’t begging. I’ll just sit here with my Donny Hathaway records and stand firm.” and Fourth Wall (2015)” which The Worcester Telegram says: “On a very fundamental level, this is a song about our relationship with art, particularly music. In a lot of ways, Rawding’s voice is a comforting presence: Music’s there to keep you from feeling alone.“

The band recently went into Wooly Mammoth Studios with Dave Westner and tracked basics for the Sophomore follow up to ‘Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack’. A release is planned for this fall and the band will be touring to support the album as much as possible.


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