The Curtis Mayflower


Red Line Roots on “King of the Fools”

Oooooooooh, yes. Smooth like butter on a fresh baked boule of bread. Everything from the velvety vocals, to that deep rolling bass, and the harmony vocals, man the harmony vocals are sexy (not sure if it’s a chick or a dude singing high…regardless, I stand by my comment). I am transported to some different time when soul ruled the radio and you could groove and roll with the sounds of Motown goodness. They have a new single just out called “King of the Fools” that bleeds that feeling of soul and cool. This shit is infectious.

The Curtis Mayflower went very quickly from a “newish” band in town that popped up to playing on the Sinclair stage to an adoring audience. And every bit of praise is very much justified, these guys ignite the stage when they play (or your headphones when you are listening in your shitty cubicle). An all star cast of characters (Pete Aleksi, Duncan Arsenault, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Brooks Milgate and Craig Rawding) make up this quintet that seemingly defies genres taking a whole lot of good influence and molding it into something fantastic. Check out the new video and track below:


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