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Jeremy Moses Curtis Interview

Central Mass’ The Curtis Mayflower: Pushing the Limits of Genre

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Jeremy Moses Curtis with drummer Duncan Arsenault in the background jamming at a recording session. Photo courtesy of Steven King

Jeremy Moses Curtis with drummer Duncan Arsenault in the background jamming at a recording session. Photo courtesy of Steven King

Central Mass’ The Curtis Mayflower doesn’t want to get “bummed out” by labeling itself as a member of a specific genre of music, or at least that’s what the bassist and the band’s co-founder Jeremy Moses Curtis says when asked how he’d define the band’s music. Indeed, doing so only seems to narrow the creative possibilities uniquely available to musicians.

“I enjoy all types of music. I mean sure there is Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical but all these subgroups that exist just segregate people from listening to music that they normally wouldn’t come across. If music is played with a genuine spirit, chances are I will dig it,” he remarks.

This project, that began as a simple pick-up gig on a Thursday night at Worcester’s Dive Bar, is only Curtis’ latest of many musical endeavors, but this one has blossomed particularly nicely, thanks to the hard work and unique talents that each individual member brings to the table. These band mates include Pete Aleksi on guitar, Duncan Arsenault on drums, Brooks Milgate on keys, and Craig Rawding on vocals.

Jeremy Moses Curtis

Like The Curtis Mayflower is a band of many different genres combined into one artistic enterprise, so its namesake seems to be many different musicians combined in one individual artist. Curtis started playing violin at an early age, then moved on to the clarinet and guitar, before finally settling on bass. He studied at the Berklee College of Music. He was born in Providence and currently lives in Uxbridge with his wife.

This exposure to so many different kinds of instruments could explain why he has such an appreciation for so many different genres and styles of the art of music. He has played, toured, and recorded with many people including Booker T, Bow Thayer, Levon Helm, Twinemen, Howie Day, Bill Morrissey, Dave Alvin, Tim Gearan, and more.

“Music has been and always will be an infinite lesson. Getting thru the basics and learning the tools to create the feelings, sounds and emotions that exist on the inside and translate them to the outside world is a challenge that keeps me waking up every day,” he says.

“I think everyone has a knack or gift for something.” And he goes on to say, in a classically humble fashion, “and mine just happens to be music.”

“It’s a never ending challenge. The thought that the well will run dry in my lifetime does not seem possible.”

He takes it all in day by day, truly enjoying every second of the musical life.

“I enjoy being in the moment with other musicians and sharing in a conversation that exists in the ether,” he says.

Their Debut Album

The Curtis Mayflower has released an EP entitled Live at the Dive, and our scheduled to release their first full-length album, Everything Beautiful is Under Attack, this Fall. It will be available online, and in CD and Vinyl formats.

It was recorded with Dave Westner of Wooly Mammoth Sound on 12 channels of analog tube gear and every take is a live full band take.

“We have worked very hard at keeping that character transparent in the recording (minus a few little embellishments) and are very anxious to support the record when it comes out. We hope our audience feels the same way!” exclaims Curtis.

It’s hard to predict what the record will sound like, given the ambiguous terms they use to describe their music generally, but a quick listen to their EP may give you an idea (Though it also may not. They admit the first two songs were actually improvisational). As far as I can tell, the music has a very progressive, even psychedelic, feel, mixed with a healthy dose of jazz and the blues. But you can make up your mind, as their bio itself instructs you to “decide for yourself what the music sounds like.”

But no matter what you think they sound like, or what genre you wish to label them as, you are sure to appreciate their sound and the true love of music that is potent in every note they play.

For more information on The Curtis Mayflower or to listen to their music please find them on Facebook or visit theirwebsite.

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