The Curtis Mayflower


Live At The Dive EP

Ladies and gentleman we are The Curtis Mayflower. We make music. Collectively we are 35.6 years old and hail from Central Massachusetts. What started out as a pickup gig on a Thursday night has blossomed into something special that exceeded any expectations we may or may not have had. We believe it falls under something we like to call “Trance-Incidental-Blues Music”. “Live At The Dive EP” is a selection of 4 songs recorded on a hand held at the moment the songs happened. The first 2 were improvised on the spot. There may be some imperfections for you audiophiles but we feel authenticity is something people crave in today’s aural-bitted and visually pixeled world. In an age of genre defining, “sounds like” and “similar to”, we would be happy to know that you just plain enjoyed what you heard and called it music.

We are scheduled to record a full length album at the end of February that will be released on Vinyl in the Fall of 2013 . If you enjoy please share and come check us out when you get a chance. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.