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L-R: Jeremy Moses Curtis, Brooks Milgate, Duncan Arsenault, Craig Rawding & Pete Aleksi. Photo: Michael Spencer

Band Publicity Photo (L-R: Jeremy Moses Curtis, Brooks Milgate, Duncan Arsenault, Craig Rawding, Pete Aleksi) Photo by Michael Spencer (download hi-res JPG .zip)


Taken in Lamoine Maine during the recording of “Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack”. Photo by Steven King (download hi res JPG .zip)


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The Making of Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack

King of the Fools” official music video

Fourth Wall” official music video

Paraselene” official music video

Live performance of “Everything Beautiful is Under Attack” at The Citizen, Worcester MA featuring Dana Colley on sax


The Curtis Mayflower is Pete Aleksi, Duncan Arsenault, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Brooks Milgate and Craig Rawding. Five musicians creating a sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. Formed in 2013, they have quickly amassed a large body of work and a larger audience for it. Their debut album was preceded by their self released EP “Live At The Dive” and showcased the band’s ability to write powerful music on the spot. The critically acclaimed debut “Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack” was released in January of 2014 and was followed up with the new singles “King of the Fools” and “Fourth Wall”  later that year. The band is currently touring and releasing new music.


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Local quintet The Curtis Mayflower, which consists of session players who have worked and toured with the likes of Levon Helm, Booker T Jones, and Jim Carroll, is only about a year old, but has already released a live EP, and more recently, a debut full-length, “Everything Beautiful is Under Attack.” It is an undeniable display of talent, but also a surprisingly cohesive work – especially for a debut album.
-Perry Eaton

The first studio release from The Curtis Mayflower titled Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack is a combination of talent, great songwriting, and beautiful haunting melodies. Done mostly in one take the album is a compilation of lush sounds and hard driving bluesy rock that defies putting this band into a genre.
-Scott Wilkinson

The Curtis Mayflower play rock ‘n’ roll of the best, broadest kind – Duane-era Allman Brothers and Delaney & Bonnie and the Butterfield Blues Band in their prime spring to mind – delivered with a confidence, manly aura and sure-footed skill that’s downright seductive, a sound with a wide appeal to electric blues nuts, jam band kids, Muscle Shoals enthusiasts, and perhaps Black Keys fans looking for something deeper and more subtle.
-Dennis Cook


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